KTM & Husqvarna 2-Stroke TPI ECU Flash - 2018-2021

We have quietly been spending a lot of time in the warmer months building performance products around the KTM & Husqvarna lineup of TPI (transfer port injection) off-road motorcycles (150, 250 and 300). We are also offering a performance head and idle screw to pair with the flash, something we *heavily* encourage. If purchased together you will receive a discount. Click here for the full package (discounted).

The Problem

From the factory, the KTM/Husky engine maps are built around passing the European emissions laws (EURO 4). We have noted the following issues:

  • Lean running motor. The motor can run too lean, especially from idle to 1/2 throttle
  • Erratic on trail. The OEM map can cause the bike to sputter in parts of the throttle
  • Excessive pipe bang on deceleration
  • Uses a very small amount of 2 stroke oil. Some riders have already had durability problems as a result. We can turn the oil pump up slightly, resulting in a safer running motor. 
  • Performance is a bit flat. Many riders have been out climbed and hole shotted by their buddies on the exact same bike with a carburetor. 
  • Hard starting in certain situations

Despite these OEM mapping woes, we firmly believe in the TPI system as the future of 2 stroke dirt bike riding. Simply put, fuel injection gives us more control over the riding characteristics than we could ever get out of a carb'd setup and we've been able to extract an immense amount of performance through building a map for performance & quality of ride, not European emissions. 

Drawing on over a decade of tuning & modification work in the two stroke snowmobile world, we have been able to successfully address both performance and ride quality issues using the stock ECU in a way that no other tuner has been able to accomplish. 

We are the *only company in North America offering a reflash service. Dollar for dollar it is the best money you can spend on your TPI*, we offer all the performance of a stand alone ECU while retaining all OEM serviceability! We have invested hundreds of hours into our proprietary flash process, and can assure you it is easier, more affordable and draws on our extensive understanding of fuel injected two strokes!*

Once you've ordered you must download this form and include it with your ECU.


  • 100% software based flash; we do not physically alter the ECU in anyway.
  • Much better engine characteristics from idle to 1/2 throttle. 
  • Smoother power delivery.
  • More torque at low/mid RPM.
  • More HP at high RPM.
  • Less pipe bang on deceleration.
  • Safer air fuel ratios (not lean).
  • Additional oil injection (more oil = happier pistons/jugs/bottom end)
  • We have tested with multiple pipes and silencers with good results now! (this is an update) - We approve our maps on both Pro Circuit and FMF aftermarket pipes as well as OEM. Even a few dents isn't likely to cause any issue (our product testers love to dent stuff)
  • We alter both maps on the bike which can be selected via the bar mount (or plug if you did not install the bar mount).  The configuration remains the same (one is less aggressive, one is more aggressive)
  • We offer three map configurations. Hard Enduro (most torque down low, easiest to ride) Trail/Everything (overall; suitable for most riders go with) and MX/Track (Most aggressive, highest output; runs a little hotter - not suggested for slow speed trail riding)


  • We are offering maps for the 150, 250 and 300 TPI models from 2018 through 2021. 
  • This includes *all* models of TPI bikes from both KTM and Husqvarna.

Future Releases

  • We will be offering an aftermarket head with swap-able domes for this bike in the very near future. Swapping the dome will change the compression and help our mapping work even better. The dome you chose will depend on your use. Expected early June.
  • We will be offering remote reflash services. Slated delivery of this project is Spring of 2021. If you purchase a flash now, you can update to newer versions of the flash remotely when we start offering this service. All you will need is a flash cable at that point. 

Other Caveats

  • The stock ECU will still connect to your dealer diagnostics. In fact, we do not believe the dealer will even be able to see any changes have been made.
  • We suggest you set the power valve ***slightly in from flush with the case***. Though you are welcome to play with this, just a touch in from flush has yielded the performance we like, and most (95%) of our customers also like. 
  • For off road use only! 

Removal of ECU is very simple. Its right under your seat! Please email Jeff if you need any help (jeff@silberturbos.com)

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Vendor: Silber Turbo

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