Question When will an ECU reflash kit be out for Ski-Doo or Arctic Cat. 

Answer We are working on it! Ski-Doo is being tested this season, Arctic Cat next. 

Question: How does the fuel management work on the Pro RMK and Axys kit? 

Answer: For the Polaris PRO RMK and Axys we reflash your sled's existing ECU. To do so, we need you to send your ECU back to us for the reflash. Our turn around time is 2 business days from receiving the ECU. This allows for us to upload a more refined and fully customized map purpose built for your turbo sled. This is what allows our kit to be a true pull and go solution for those looking to turbo their pro.

Question: Do I need any special tools to install the kit?

Answer: With the exception of specific clutch tools (to swap springs, helix and weights) no special tools are needed to install the kit. Most can do it in the comfort of their own garage in 4-5 hours. Even the guy who built this site was able to install his own kit, and he is no sled mechanic. 

Question: Does a turbo effect reliability?

Answer: So long as you properly maintain your sled, our kits have proven very reliable. 

Question: Where can I learn more about fueling and clutching for my Axys kit? 

Answer: Please download the latest owners manual with all required information. This manual is different than the installation manual. You can find all manuals and tech videos here or you can download the owners manual here