If you just purchased a kit or a performance flash for your vehicle, please follow the following instructions.

Step 1 – Requesting Payment ID


  • Upon receiving your reflash cable, fill out the form below and we will send a payment ID
  • Once we receive your request we will validate it and reply back with a payment ID. This payment ID is a one-time use code to activate your software (see below). It will tie the computer to our server, so be sure to use the computer that you will be flashing from.

Step 2 – Downloading Application and Preparing for Re-flash

  • The Silber Performance reflash application requires a Windows 10 computer with usb port, internet connection, a USB cable long enough to reach your machine (4ft Included), and a 12 volt battery (car or powersports battery), for this application jump boxes and battery chargers WILL NOT work.
  • Next download the following files to your computer. 
  • Next install the software on your machine.
    • Start with "candrivers.exe" (go to your downloads folder or run it from your Chrome browser download bar)
    • Next install SilberTurboRemoteSetup_2020_1.exe
      • You may receive a warning during installation. Choose to install the program anyways.
      • Once installed you will receive a popup asking for information.
      • Fully Complete each section and then copy the payment ID from the email we sent you and paste it into the popup. The payment ID must match exactly or the application will not work. Once you are complete click ok. You will then receive a message stating that the license was submitted.
      • Open the program, you should receive an error that says “Master not Connected” This means the application is installed correctly. 
    • Finally install the SilberTurbo_Setup_V2.exe file
      • Once the installation is complete locate the application and open it. You will see a box near the top that says “Show Available Models”, click it. If done correctly it  SHOULD NOT work at this point.

PLEASE DO NOT Request license until you have received your Payment ID and activated your account!

Step 3 - Acquiring a License to Flash Your Machine

      • Fill out the form below.
Once we receive your request we will validate it and reply back notifying you that a license has been added to your account.
You are now ready to flash!


Step 4 - Flashing your Machine

Open the V2/V4 Flasher. Click show available models. Please select the + symbol next to the vehicle you wish to flash. "Right Click" on "Stock or Turbo". You will get another pop up. This is when you want to connect your 12V Battery, USB to your laptop, and flash cable to your vehicles diagnostic port. Click "OK"
The app will now register your vehicle to the flasher. You license should go from "available" to "flashed”
Close the application and reopen it and repeat the flashing procedure. This time you will get a progress bar, " Wait while flashing ecu data". When the flashing is complete you will get a message that says "ECU flash data ended successfully".
You can now disconnect your battery, cables and computer from the sled. Your ecu is now flashed and ready for operation.
You can follow the same steps to return your vehicle to stock
KTM Flasher VIdeo