KTM & Husqvarna 300 / 250 TPI Performance Cylinder Head Kit

We are big fans of the KTM 300cc / 250cc power plant paired with the TPI technology. However, like many of you, we've been looking to eek a bit more power out of the motor across the entire RPM range. While developing our custom maps (see link here) we also started exploring performance cylinder head kits and have had *great* results. This adds torque off bottom, a more robust mid range and a top end that does not fall off like other performance heads. The part is 100% CNC machined and comes with two domes depending on what you are aiming for, octane and elevation. 


  • Specifically designed for 300 / 250 TPIs (18-20)
  • Much better snap off bottom (say, exiting a corner or going to make a big move).
  • Pulls harder in the mid range; some find they can pull one gear higher.
  • Two domes, one from 0-5500 feet, another from 5500+ If running the appropriate head at the appropriate elevation you do not need race gas. However, you can run the higher elevation head at lower elevation on race gas.
  • Easy to install; comes with everything you need including gaskets.
  • Does not require dowel removal.
  • We highly suggest a Silber Performance Flash to compliment this head. We suggest this for two reasons. One, the factory map is a bit lean, especially at higher compression ratios. Two, the factory map is very light on oil. We like to see more oil for the increase in power, something only Silber can adjust.
  • This head plus our tune has seen gains of 5-7HP (at sea level).
  • Anodized in black.
  • We have a handful of 250 heads left as of August 3rd. New batch of 300 heads just showed up. 

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Silber Turbo

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