TunerLess Turbo

We've been making  turbo kits for nearly a decade. Somewhere along the line it became clear that no matter how good a kit is, if its not setup properly, it is sure to create a lot of frustration. 

In 2013 we started experimenting with the idea of utilizing the vehicles stock engine control unit (ecu), the computer that controls your engine's electronic fuel injection, as a way to control fueling requirements a turbo demands. 

This wasn't an easy task, and even required building proprietary software that allowed us to tell ("flash") the existing computer how to manage boost. In the end the results were spectacular as nearly a thousand happy customers go to show. We've sense added software that allows customers to change their map, much like the modern performance tuners do in the truck/sports car world.

Install your kit. Flash your ECU. Then, simply pull the rope and go ride. Our proprietary map compensates for elevation and temperature just as your normal fuel injected sled would do, only now you have boost.  

For those wondering, yes, this is a very similar system to the modern turbocharged automobile. An entire auto industry can't be wrong. We believe the TunerLess Turbo is the future. One ride and we think you'll agree. 

Currently this technology is found on every single one of our snowmobile turbocharger kits.