Yamaha YXZ1000R Turbo Kit

Kit features:


Dobeck Gen 3 fuel controller

kPa Turbos GT22 Turbocharger

Donaldson Air Canister

Custom Silicone Charge Tubes

Custom Silicone Plenum adapts to throttle bodies

*304 Stainless Manifold

Stainless Steel Downpipe adapts to stock muffler

Air to Air Intercooler w/ Fan

Complete bolt on and ride installation

No cutting or modifying

Boost is adjustable-comes preset to 6 psi

Oil feed and return line & fittings


We have designed a bolt on turbo system at a fair price of $2800. These kits come complete with everything needed to get up and running. Boost is fully adjustable however we don't suggest running over 7 psi without proper engine modifications.


The SILBER system is equipped with a tubular turbo manifold, which places the kPa 2252 turbocharger close to the exhaust energy, this allows the turbocharger to spool up faster than a turbocharger placed further down the exhaust stream. The down pipe adapts to the stock muffler keeping the system noise compliant. If you prefer a louder exhaust system it will work great with all the aftermarket slip on exhaust systems available.


Charge air is delivered to the engine through the custom silicone charge tubes and cooled with the under bed mounted air to air intercooler with electric fan.


Air is filtered with a Donaldson air canister, fresh is is pulled from the same location between the seats as the oem, allowing the system to work great no matter what terrain you choose to ride.


All exhaust is 304 stainless steel. Fuel is delivered and controlled by the Dobeck fuel controller. We have been working and testing our exclusive ECU reflash which will be offer free of charge as an upgrade when we finish all the map development.


This turbo system is a great way to release some extra power from your Yxz without breaking the bank.


We understand lots of people are asking themselves how can offer reliable system for a bargain price compared to the competition. We have been stream lining parts for years building and selling thousand of turbo system the last 8 years. We have developed excellent relations with our suppliers and purchase in large volume to lower our cost, allowing us to pass these saving to the end user. 


The other turbo systems on the market are also great turbo systems. This kit is designed for the active enthusiast that wants more power from the Yxz. The Yxz with any turbo system has its limitations due to the engine not being purpose built for a turbocharger. We highly suggest upgrading rods and Pistons if you plan on turning the boost up past 7 psi. If your engine is built we have successfully tested the turbo system to 15 psi of boost.


Feel free to contact us anytime for with any questions or concerns you may have.


Have fun and ride safe.

Please contact us to with any questions regarding the new YXZ1000R Silber Turbo Kit.

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Silber Turbo

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