2023+ Ski-Doo Gen5 Turbo Lightweight Silencer (less than 7 pounds!) w/ Cooker

$ 399.99

Orders placed after 11-24-22 will not ship until end of December. This product is built to order and subject to a 10% cancelation fee.
Our new Lightweight Silencer is now available and shipping for the 2023+ Skidoo G5 850 Turbo. This can is over half of the weight of the OEM muffler, is constructed out of Stainless steel and TIG welded. They come with an aluminum powder coated heatshield which is removable. All Mufflers as of 11-30-22 will now include a meal cooker.
  • Removable Aluminum Heat Shield
  • Weighs under 7 lbs ( Stock OEM Mufflers Weighs 15+ lbs )
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction and TIG Welded
  • Flange around panel to prevent snow and fume ingestion
  • Works with Stock or Tuned ECU
  • As of 11-30-22 All mufflers will include meal cooker.

Dollar for dollar this is the best upgrade you can make to your 850 Factory Turbo; exhaust note is rich and "noteworthy" without being annoying. 


*** Must Reroute EGT sensor behind chain case ***


Click here for G5 muffler installation