Polaris RMK Axys Turbo Kits

Snowcheck may be over but you can still order a kit at a significant discount for the remainder of the summer months - $3750. A deposit of $500 required today. Please specify intercooler or not, quiet can or not. (Intercooler adds $650, quiet can adds $100). Remainder of payment required prior to shipping kit. Deposit is non-refundable.  

Looking to finance? Cool! We now offer financing. Check out our financing page here for instructions. Instant approval. Checking your credit does not effect your credit score. 


Our goal for the Axys turbo kit was to continue upon the success of the existing RMK line and to look for ways to add additional value. Our design team was tasked to focus on 6 key areas: Improving performance, easier “no cut” installation, user friendly operation, utilizing high quality components, improving manufacturing processes, and deliver a system that is priced to allow the general sledding population to afford.

The Silber Turbos team began development of this new turbo kit during the 2014-2015 season and has been testing, refining and developing manufacturing processes to ensure Silber Turbos continues to lead the way into the 2016 season. Our exclusive access to Polaris factory riders and employees offers us an inside edge on the competition and has allowed us to test the new turbo kit in the same conditions that factory riders used to test the new platform.

Our design team exceeded expectations in all the identified areas and we are pleased to release the Silber Turbos 2016 Axys Turbo Kit. Please check the Highlights tab for additional information. 

A note on intercoolers: Please note: for most riders we suggest the non-intercooled kit. Those who want to run full race gas and bump their boost to 10+ psi may want to consider the intercooler. Anyone going over 10 may also need to consider larger injectors and a customer map. If you are looking for 12+psi, please call. 

When ordernig, please print this form and include it with your ECU when shipping it back. 

Kit Highlights

  • Fueling: We introduced our proprietary ECU reflash on the 4th generation Pro RMK kit and have further refined it for the Axys. Reflashing the sled's stock ECU with a custom map specific to our turbo kit is the game changing technology that has brought turbo reliability and performance to never before seen levels. With the Silber Axys kit there is no monkeying around with control boxes or worrying about punching buttons as you change elevation, temperature, snow conditions or even boost levels. Our custom, dynamic map brings multiple variables into account and adjusts parameters to keep your sled running without a hiccup and without touching a thing. Pull. Go. Have fun. 
  • Engine Protection:  We are the only manufacturer that has the capability to turn the oil pump up to allow your engine proper lubrication while running a turbo. As additional fuel and air is run through the motor, oil demand is heightened. The stock ECU is designed to lessen oiling as air thins out (you rise in elevation and theoretically load drops). Our propriety tuning software allows us to increase oil volume regardless of air pressure to provide adequate protection for the engine. Remember, pre mixing gas is not an option with these fuel injected motors as the lubrication via fuel will make it to the key areas of the motor. 
  • Turbo: The heart of any turbo kit is the turbo setup itself. Our kit includes an external wastegate kPa ceramic ball bearing turbo specific to the 800cc two stroke engine size plumbed with a recirculating BOV. This means you'll build boost quickly, smoothly and keep your turbo spooled incredibly well when on/off the throttle in tighter more technical terrain. 
  • Adjustable Boost: As noted above, we control boost through an external wastegate. Want to lower boost and save on gas? Maybe it dumped the night before and you want to run more boost. No problem. With our kit one only needs to swap wastegate actuator springs and control your boost from 3-12psi. Silber notes the kit comes preset with a 7psi spring. 
  • No Cut Installation: Our system is designed to quickly install without modification of the sled. Our exhaust system is constructed of 304 SS and fully polished. The system was designed to enhance performance while minimizing noise. The exhaust exits the OEM location in the belly pan allowing for simple installation. 
  • Silicone Charge air is fed to the engine through a custom molded silicone charge tube. We use custom silicone because it’s the smoothest flowing, doesn’t conduct heat like aluminum and allows for an OEM like fit.
  • Intake: The intake air is routed to the turbocharger through plastic cold air intake. The custom high impact modular pllastic intake is feather light and adapts seamlessly to the OEM hood. This allows for cold air to be drawn through the stock hood vents.
  • Intercooler: New this year we have introduced a water to air intercooler option. This intercooler system has a separate stand-alone cooling system to get the lowest charge air temps possible. The Intercooler is o-ring fitted to the throttle bodies to prevent any leaks. Coolant is circulated through a custom casted heat exchanger and intercooler core with the use of our custom 12v pump. The heat exchanger replaces the OEM bulkhead plate, allowing for OEM like fit and finish.


 Please contact us to with any question or concerns you may have.


Under one hour to install...



We will update this tab with customer videos as the year goes on. 



Blasting through the trees with two to three feet of pow! #faceshotsallday my Silber Turbos Polaris Snowmobiles was working great again today!

Posted by Tyler Crockett on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

For fueling, instructions or technical frequently asked questions, please click our "install" tab. 

  • Do I need to send back my ECU for a reflash? Yes you need to send us your ECU if you purchase a kit.
  • What is the kit set at from the factory? The wastegate actuator is set to open at 7psi. We now include a 3 and 5 pound springs to allow you to vary boost. Simply pop the wastegate open using the included tool, put the different spring in and go. 
  • How long does it take to install the kit? If you are familiar with sleds, it'll take 3-5 hours to properly install the kit. We've had certain customers do the install in under an hour. 
  • Does the kit come with everything I need? Yes! Included with the kit is everything you'll need to get on snow on a properly running machine. 
  • My friend said Silber isn't as bitchin' cause it costs less. Is this true? No. One of our main design goals is to bring reliability and performance to the masses. Our kit is comparble to the "other guys" top notch offerings (external wastegate) and comes in at a significant discount. We have years of experience in the turbo kits have this expertise and experience allows us to put together a kit that more can afford without sacrificing reliability or performance. 
  • My sled has XXX (or X,XXX) miles on it. Can I put a turbo on it? Sure. But you'll want to be sure everything looks good and compression is within spec. It pays to clean your exahust valves and be sure your reeds are in good shape prior to installing a turbo. A turbo will not run properly if the motor isn't working right in the first place. 


Doug D. - Morning Justin. I can't say enough how happy I am with my set up. Thanks!

Matt Ryan - Just got my kit today in the mail all I can say is wow , super clean super professional , so pumped ! Thanks for everything !

Traksvswheelies - the throttle response on the kits are as good as stock machines 

Wheel House Motorsports - These things are flat impressive on 7psi. They are very fast and hit so damn hard out of the hole. "lag" isnt even a word anymore, a stock sled is side by side for about the first 5 feet then the turbo just explodes away. 

doudea - Kudos to silber and his gang for setting the bar for a super simple and clean kit that is super budget friendly and make some impressive power! I'm not an expert by any means just your average joe who knows just enough to get into trouble, but I have to say this kit was super easy to install. I have installed a couple of different manufacturers no cut kits and this one was by far the easiest to put on. I can't get over how clean this kit is, it's simple and straight forward. It's the little things that I find so cool, like I didn't have to splice one wire. 

The only down side to the kit was my test and tune day yesterday was short, because this thing is dialed!!! The only thing I needed to do was add a little weight to the primary, because it was over taching by just a bit. (Good Problem to have). I normally want to tinker with things especially because I like super strong fast back shift on my sleds and this set up is just dialed. It is noticeably stronger at the 7lbs setting than my previous kit that I had on my pro was at 10lbs. There is zero lag and it is super crisp fueling. It has liner crisp pull! I was planning on upping the boost but Im very satisfied with 7lbs. 


Snowpilot - I have one of these kits and so does my brother. Both kits have run spot on since installation. Truly gas and go. Couldn't be happier. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this



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Vendor: Silber Turbo

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