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2017 Silber SnowCheck

It seems like a race to release Snowcheck deals so just like the big box stores at Christmas we will play along. We are pleased to announce our SnowCheck Program for the 2017 season. In addition to our spectacular SnowCheck pricing we added another way to save. For 2017, We added the Buddy Pack. If you and a buddy SnowCheck a kit you will each get an additional $100 off. This is instant savings and doesn’t require spending the money with us! We will also do special deals for the guys with lots of buddys We are also proud to offer the base internal wastegate Pro RMK kit at $2850. This is a fully loaded kit , not a stripped down setup! It is also not limited to pump gas. You can run higher boost levels with the appropriate octane. We will also be offering a "quiet" muffler option for the Axys kits. Silber Turbos is changing the industry as evidenced by all the other manufacturers being forced to lower their prices. Silber Turbos brought you the original Sub 4K kit, and now the original Sub 3K kit.

Below is the Snow Check pricing for the 2017 Season:

2015 – 2017 Axys External Wastegate Kit - $3399 
2011-2015 Pro Ride External Wastegate Kit - $3399
2011-2015 Pro Ride Internal Wastegate Kit - $2850
2012-2017 Ski Doo 800 Etec $3199
2017 Ski Doo 850 – Coming Soon

All that’s required to SnowCheck your kit is a non refundable deposit of $500 dollars. We have kits in stock so if you want your kit this season we will send them out now! Since Polaris has already started delivering the 2017 sleds you shouldn’t have to wait. All Snow Checks are shipped on a first come first serve basis so don’t wait too long. Send us a email or give Corey or Justin a Call at 719-271-6687 or 320-282-6812 to get your order in. 

We also want to say thanks for your support in making 2016 a banner year for Silber Turbos!

 Check out a happy Silber customer on his Axys Pro RMK by clicking play below. Don't forget to watch in HD! Boost. Its the cheat code to the game of mountain sledding. 

Blasting through the trees with two to three feet of pow! #faceshotsallday my Silber Turbos Polaris Snowmobiles was working great again today!

Posted by Tyler Crockett on Tuesday, December 29, 2015



What the people are saying regarding their new Axys Kits

Doug D. - Morning Justin. I can't say enough how happy I am with my set up. Thanks!

Matt Ryan - Just got my kit today in the mail all I can say is wow , super clean super professional , so pumped ! Thanks for everything !

Traksvswheelies - the throttle response on the kits are as good as stock machines 

Wheel House Motorsports - These things are flat impressive on 7psi. They are very fast and hit so damn hard out of the hole. "lag" isnt even a word anymore, a stock sled is side by side for about the first 5 feet then the turbo just explodes away. 

doudea - Kudos to silber and his gang for setting the bar for a super simple and clean kit that is super budget friendly and make some impressive power! I'm not an expert by any means just your average joe who knows just enough to get into trouble, but I have to say this kit was super easy to install. I have installed a couple of different manufacturers no cut kits and this one was by far the easiest to put on. I can't get over how clean this kit is, it's simple and straight forward. It's the little things that I find so cool, like I didn't have to splice one wire. 

The only down side to the kit was my test and tune day yesterday was short, because this thing is dialed!!! ... I normally want to tinker with things especially because I like super strong fast back shift on my sleds and this set up is just dialed. It is noticeably stronger at the 7lbs setting than my previous kit that I had on my pro was at 10lbs. There is zero lag and it is super crisp fueling. It has liner crisp pull! I was planning on upping the boost but Im very satisfied with 7lbs. 


Snowpilot - I have one of these kits and so does my brother. Both kits have run spot on since installation. Truly gas and go. Couldn't be happier. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this