Ryker Shocker Tunable Electronic Bypass Muffler 900 / 600

$ 349.99 $ 499.99

Looking for the coolest exhaust for your Ryker, look no further than the Silber Turbos Electronic Bypass Muffler. This muffler is either loud or quiet with push of a button. Wanna ride in and out of your neighborhood in stealth mode, keep the valve closed, if you want to make some news and get people to notice you on the highway click the bottom to open the valve.
This is exhaust is constructed out of stainless steel, comes in a brush finish and TIG welded for a beautiful appearance. Harness is prewired with OEM connections, so you don't have to splice any wires. Comes with a front baffle you can add or remove to make the exhaust even louder.
Industry first electronic bypass exhaust
Stainless Steel construction
Plug and Play Wiring
Quiet or Loud at your finger tips!!!