Polaris RZR Pro XP Replacement Big Turbocharger (Fits 2020+)

$ 1,650.00 $ 1,795.00

Looking for a replacement turbocharger for your 2020+ Polaris Pro XP RZR, we have that. Our replacement big turbo upgrades offers some serious upgrades over the OEM turbocharger. This brand new Turbocharger utilizes all the oem water cooling lines, and oil lines found on the PRO XP platform. Stainless steel exhaust housing which doesn't rust or crack like the OEM housing. This is one of the biggest problems with the oem turbocharger on this car. They develop a crack between the exhaust turbine wheel and wastegate flapper which eventually leads to low boost and power output. We have also increased the AR ratio of the exhaust housing to lower some back pressure and free up some horsepower when running higher than stock boost levels. The compressor cover has also increased slightly in size, allowing us to run a larger compressor wheel. The exhaust wheel is increased to a 48mm 10 blade, which flows over 25% more than the oem turbocharger. The turbochargers also come standard with a 10 psi cracking wastegate actuator. No need to crank down your own wastegate and limit the throw on it, which can cause some serious boost spikes.



Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing

Billet 60mm Compressor Wheel

10 Blade 48mm Turbine Wheel

Increased AR ratio 'Compressor and Exhaust'

10 PSI Cracking Wastegate Actuator

Comes complete ready to bolt on.


Purchase, install, and ride.

Capable of over 300 HP!!!


***Notice*** Some models Pro XP use a different oil drain tube, this turbocharger is designed for the O Ring style oil drain tube. Polaris Part Number: 2206962