Polaris 2022+ Patriot Boost Ultimate Performance Kit

$ 880.00

Our Patriot Boost performance kit is the best bang for your buck when looking to increase the performance of your snowmobile. This kit includes our lightweight silencer, reflash cable and tune license, and clutch kit.


Silencer: Drop a substantial amount of weight, allow your turbo sled to breath better and increase the exhaust note. For this price, there isn't a better physical upgrade for your machine. 

  • Fully Stainless steel construction w/ aluminum heatshield
  • Baffle designed (no packing to burn out)
  • Lightweight
  • Works with stock and tuned Patriot Boost Models
  • 8lbs
  • Installs in minutes

Please download your install instructions here. 


Clutch Kit: 

Our Patriot Boost Clutch Kit is a must when upgrading your sled. Want to put the extra power to the ground, increase belt life, and improve throttle response. Our clutch package offers all that at an affordable price.


Kit includes:

Adjustable Clutch Weights (73-86 grams)

Primary Spring

Secondary Spring


Reflash Cable: 

Our custom performance maps for the Patriot 850 Turbo adds additional boost throughout the entire elevation range. We also alter fuel and ignition maps for better throttle response and faster spool times.  Dollar for dollar this is by far the best modification you can make to your Patriot Boost!

The Purchase of our Reflash Cable kit and Tune allows access to all Stage Maps we offer! We will continue to revise our maps throughout the year. We *strongly* encourage you to purchase a reflash cable with our performance reflash. 

  • Stage 1: 91 Octane +10HP over stock boost output 
  • Stage 2: 93 Octane +20HP over stock boost output
  • Stage 3: 50% 100LL 50% 91 +30HP over stock boost output
  • Stage 4 100% 100LL +40 HP over stock boost output (2023+)