Honda Talon 1000 ECU Reflash

Are you ready to take your Talon’s performance to the next level?  

Silber Turbos is proud to offer an industry first. We have cracked the Talon ECU and are offering both a mail-in and remote reflash service to enhance the performance of your new Talon. The performance gains are multiplied with the Talon as we are able to improve the shift profiles to match engine upgrades and changes to tire sizes.

Key Features:

Increased HP and Torque

Improved Acceleration

User defined rev limit (Please add your desired RPM limit in the notes)

User defined speed limiters (Please add your desired speed limit in the notes)

Improved cooling fan engagement

Improved Transmission Shift Profile

Restored performance when running larger tires or sand paddles (Please add the tire diameter you are running)


*Customers with existing remote reflash kits will need the Honda adapter for $100. If you select the remote reflash option it will come with everything required. If you select the mail in service ECU’s are turned around the same day.


Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Silber Turbo

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