2022 Polaris Matryx 850 Turbo Kit

$ 4,500.00

Though Polaris did come to market with a factory turbo package this year, cost and availability lead to a strong aftermarket demand for us to build a kit for the Matryx platform. 

Update 1/15/2022: We've got them up and running. And you are going to be pleased. In side by side comparison to the OEM boost, our Matryx kit is getting the holeshot and running better all the way through the RPM range. You will smoke your buddy's OEM Matryx Boost all day long with this kit. 

Like other platforms, we are offering the kit in an intercooled and non intercooled configuration. 

Pricing is $3750 for the non intercooled kit and $4500 for the intercooled kit. 

Due to where the kit is in R&D, we are only taking deposits at the moment (no full pay). When your kit is ready, we will bill you for the rest. 

Here is what you can expect:

  • External wastegate 2860 ceramic ball bearing turbo
  • No cut fast & clean installation
  • Adjustable boost (3-10psi)
  • Multiple tunes for multiple applications via our remote reflash
  • Pricing that saves you thousands while more than keeping up with the $20K+ factory option.

Those looking for clutch & reflash tools to be able to install the kit in your own garage you can find them here