2022- 2023 Polaris Matryx 850 Turbo Kit

$ 3,250.00

Due to material pricing and availability concerns we are changing up our snow check program a little to ensure you have your kits well before the snow flys. To secure todays pricing and ensure availability next winter we have already placed larger material orders than ever. This has helped us keep the price down but also means that we had to eliminate the traditional deposit program. We cannot take a deposit for something delivered 6 months from now given the current supply chain constraints. Snowchecked kits this season must be paid in full and will ship as soon as they are ready. This Snowcheck Program includes a free reflash cable and your kit will be delivered prior to Halloween. We expect to have many of the kits shipped and on your shelves this summer. Snowcheck pricing will remain active until May 23rd. All snow check kits are built to order and in the event of cancellation our standard 25% restocking fee will apply 


Though Polaris did come to market with a factory turbo package this year, cost and availability lead to a strong aftermarket demand for us to build a kit for the Matryx platform. Like other platforms, we are offering the kit in an intercooled and non intercooled configuration. 


  • Internal wastegate 2860 ceramic ball bearing turbo
  • No cut fast & clean installation
  • Multiple tunes for multiple applications via our remote reflash
  • Pricing that saves you thousands while more than keeping up with the $20K+ factory option.

Those looking for clutch & reflash tools to be able to install the kit in your own garage you can find them here