Ski-Doo 850 Turbo Performance Flash (+10-40HP!!!)

Our custom performance maps for the Ski-Doo 850 Turbo adds additional boost throughout the entire elevation range. We also alter fuel and ignition maps for better throttle response and faster spool times.  Dollar for dollar this is by far the best modification you can make to your 850 Turbo!

The Purchase of our Reflash Cable kit and Tune allows access to all Stage Maps we offer! We will continue to revise our maps throughout the year. We *strongly* encourage you to purchase a reflash cable with our performance reflash. 

  • Stage 1: 91 Octane - +1.5psi of boost (10HP) over stock boost output (adds 1.5psi regardless of elevation)
  • Stage 2: 93 Octane +2.75psi of boost (20HP)
  • Stage 3: 95 Octane +3.5psi of boost (30HP)
  • Stage 4: 98 Octane +4.5 psi of boost (40HP)

Looking for clutching to match your higher output sled? We've got that, too. Click here. (will open in new window). 


Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Silber Turbo

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