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2011-2014 Polaris PRO RIDE 800 TURBO KIT
2011-2014 Polaris PRO RIDE 800 TURBO KIT
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With over 500 Pro RMK turbo kits on the snow, This turbo kit is the best Pro RMK turbo kit on the Market. We spend countless hours testing this turbo kit at all elevations to ensure it will work for all customers riding style and elevations.

2011 2012 2013 Polaris PRO RIDE SILBER TURBO Kit

This Silber turbo kit, is one of a kind. It’s a complete 100% bolt on kit, no cutting grinding, or modifying your snowmobile to install this kit. Kit is very unique with a custom Billet throttle body boot that has two integrated fuel injectors. The air box is custom molded tubular silicone. Kit also come with a custom molded cold air intake, that adapts to the stock hood. This kit is also fitted with the our new custom turbocharger designed for the 800 cc two stroke engine. Fully rebuildable. This kit takes around 4-5 hours to install, and can be removed in the same amount of time, Great if needed to bring your sled in for service or return to stock for resale. No cutting or welding to stock exhaust pipe. All parts fit to the stock sled components. Oil tank and turbo assembly comes preassembled, for fast and easy installation.

Here are a few key features of the kit:
New Silber turbocharger, engineered for the 800cc two stroke engine.
Plug and plug electrical components
Muffled exhaust pipe
Billet o ring fitted throttle body boots, with integrated additional injectors.

Complete list of included Turbo kit components:
Silber Turbocharger custom engineered for 800cc two stroke engine
Oil tank with roll over valve to eliminate smoke when upside down
Aluminum Oil tank, with sight glass
Custom threaded and vented oil cap
Cold air intake custom molded silicone
Stainless clamps
2.5” Stainless and Polished Exhaust down pipe with muffler
 Stainless Socket head exhaust bolts
Pipe to turbo stinger, springs to stock pipe( no welding required).
Stainless turbo inlet gasket
Plug and Play oil pump
Pre cut and assembled oil lines and fittings
Turbo coolant hoses and fittings
Tubular silicone airbox with integrated BOV
Billet Boost controller
Hi Torque hose clamps
Billet CNC boots, with intergraded fuel injectors
Plug and play fuel control box, no splicing or wire cutting

External 3 Bar Map sensor
Boost Gauge
Optional AEM wideband gauge
Aluminum handle gauge mount bracket
All nuts, bolts and springs.
Precut boost lines and fittings
Turbo clutch kit with adjustable weights


Turbo Kit $ 4995 includes complete clutch kit and Gauges.